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Pottery: UAE's Clay Connection

"Pottery is moulding Earth into art."

Pottery is one of the oldest handicrafts which is practiced with joy in the UAE. From Hib to Chirr people continue to use and enjoy the benefits of a product which is completely natural and eco-friendly.

The history of Pottery in the UAE dates back to some 2500 B.C. During the archeological survey in 1959 by the Danish archaeologists discovered several tombs and evidences from the Umm Al Nar (The Bronze Age) which showed the popularity and use of pottery during the ancient times.

Some of these traditional earthenware are still in use. The most famous are:

Hib: an earthen pot used for storing water
Bumrah: a container for storing and preserving fresh milk
Chirr: a vessel for storing dates and dry fish

The tradition of pottery still continues to shine in today's age. From various restaurants to hotels, the finest of dishes and traditional cuisines are served in these beautifully handcrafted clay dishes.

Clay is sustainable as it is natural and available in abundance. Clay exhibits plasticity when mixed with water in the right proportions. When clay dries – either in a kiln or in the sun – the physical and chemical properties of the mixture changes, making it extremely hard and stable, albeit rather brittle.

Attaching an image glossary of some of the iconic handmade clay products available in UAE.

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