Coleus Leaves


The ready to take home and style plant with its Made in UAE Clay Pot and Tray is perfect to bring nature home. Each Clay Pot sits perfectly on the flat tray which allows the soil to breath and excess water to seep out.


The traditionally fired clay pot and tray are in rustic red, perfect to style your home.

Coleus in XS Clay Pot

  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade

    Water: Keep soil moist and water little once a week

    Growth: Plant grows up to 24″ (61 cm) tall and wide

    Temperature: Minimum 7° Celsius to Maximum 30° Celsius

    Propagation: Easy to propagate by offsets

    Health: Non-toxic to humans and animals, do not eat the plant

  • 1. Handcrafted Made in UAE Clay Pot in traditional shape, size 10cms x 7.5cms

    2. Handcrafted Made in UAE Clay Pot Tray to ensure the water does not flow outside on the floor, size 1.5cms x 7.5cms

    3. Organic Soil filled in the pot

    4. Locally grown plant