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English Ivy is a vine which is filled with medicinal properties. It has a long history and is often seen decorating historical houses with itra perfectly shaped leaves.


English Ivy as the name suggests is native to UK and Europe. It is a cold land plant which loves humidity. A perfect houseplant for Dubai. 


Its scientific name is Hedera Helix. 


An ivy plant has two types of roots. The subterranean roots extend into the soil, attaching the plant to the ground and absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. Clumps of adventitious or aerial roots are located at intervals along the climbing stems. The function of these roots (or rootlets, as they are sometimes called) is to attach the plant to a surface as it climbs.


The ready to take home and style plant with its Made in UAE Clay Pot and Tray is perfect to bring nature home. Each Clay Pot sits perfectly on the flat tray which allows the soil to breath and excess water to seep out.


The traditionally fired clay pot and tray are in rustic red, perfect to style your home.

English Ivy in Clay Pot with tray

SKU: LGEngIvySmall01
VAT Included
  • Sunlight: Medium to Light indirect sunlight

    Water: Keep soil moist and water little once a week

    Growth: Plant grows up to 50″ (1200 cm) tall 

    Temperature: Minimum 10° Celsius to Maximum 28° Celsius

    Propagation: Easy to propagate by stem cutting in soilless rooting

    Health: Non-toxic to humans and animals, do not eat the plant

  • 1. Handcrafted Made in UAE Clay Pot in unique round shape, size 15.5cms x 15.5cms

    2. Handcrafted Made in UAE Clay Pot Tray to ensure the water does not flow outside on the floor, size 19cms x 4cms

    3. Organic Soil filled in the pot

    4. Locally grown plant 

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