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Our Story

Organiqliving is Organic Quality Living for us and for people we truly care for. We at OrganiqLiving believe in Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Recycled Products. We believe the use of chemicals not only harms our health, our skin but also is slowly decaying this very Earth we all call home. It is our endeavor to bring a change and promote Organic Products. Organiqliving is owned and managed by SRK ONLINE FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE

Why Organic and Fair Trade

Organic is genuine, organic is natural and that is exactly how it should always be. Natural, right from mother nature’s heart. We strongly believe in creating awareness for a Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle. Our products are carefully designed and curated to ensure we bring the best of Organic & Ethical Products to you. We at OrganiqLiving support Fair Trade Movement, which offers to ensure positive impact for the people at the end of the chain.

Our Difference

We are a family run small business. Our profit is your happiness and our growth is you using our products and spreading the word around. By supporting us and our products you extend your support to sustainable environment, fair trade and organics; just with the “click” for purchase.

Our Logo

Inspired from nature and mother earth - our logo is designed like Earth nurtured in the palm of leaves.

White is for Peace and Green is for prosperity.

Organiq Living Logo.jpg

Our Founder

Pooja- a mother, nature lover, crazily creative and supporter of small local businesses.


Behind the Brand

Organiqliving is borne out of care and love of a mother. It is a conscious effort to start building awareness of healthy living and buying products which are organic, recycled, sustainable as well as fair trade. In our efforts to build this we are collaborating with some of the finest people around. From the European Chill to the Asian warmth, we are working passionately to bring the best products for you.

Wholesale/ Corporate Orders 

Being associated with the world of Organic and Sustainable products gives us the opportunity to work closely with many Fair Trade and Organic Companies, These companies are based in various part of the world and work with similar work ethos as us. We are able to take corporate orders on all products which are on our site like Organic Cotton Clothing, Organic Cotton Yoga Products, Bamboo and Sustainable Forest Wood Items, Handmade home decor etc. Our Gardening Kits and sustainable eco-friendly cotton bags are a success amongst many.


We offer customisation services such as design, color, material, logo printing, embroidery or etching for bulk orders.

If there is any product you like and would like to enquire about it, please write to us at ""

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