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About Organiq Living: Sustainable, Organic, Fair Trade Products

Our Story

Organiq Living promotes organic, fair trade, and sustainable products. Our mission is to combat harmful chemicals and support healthy living by offering eco-friendly options. Based in Dubai, UAE, and managed by SRK ONLINE FZ LLC, we are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

Why Organic and Fair Trade

We prioritize genuine, natural products to foster a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our curated collection includes the best organic and ethical products, supporting the Fair Trade Movement to benefit all involved.

Our Difference

As a family-run small business, our success is measured by your satisfaction and our shared commitment to sustainability. By choosing our products, you support fair trade, organic living, and a healthier planet.

Our Logo

Our logo, inspired by nature, symbolizes Earth cradled by leaves. The colors white and green represent peace and prosperity, respectively.

Organiq Living Logo.jpg

Our Founder

Pooja, a creative mother and nature lover, founded Organiq Living to support small local businesses and promote eco-friendly living.


Behind the Brand

Organiq Living was created out of love and care, aiming to raise awareness about healthy living. We collaborate globally to bring you the best organic, recycled, sustainable, and fair trade products.

Wholesale/ Corporate Orders 

We partner with fair trade and organic companies worldwide to offer corporate and bulk orders, including customization services. For inquiries, contact us at

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