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"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha


DIY Gardening Kit - Detox & Purify Plants Kit is the best gift you can give to yourself or someone you love. Our body and mind needs to relax and rejuvenate once in a while for us to function properly in these rather rushed times in life.


Our Kit helps you nurture and grow your own little paradise at home which helps you relax, feel connected to nature, focus and calm yourself.


There is no better reward than to promote healthy lifestyle and appreication for everything nature from plants/ flowers to animals/ birds.


Our garden kits include 'Made in UAE' handmade claypots, which are 100% Natural and Sustainable. Its a small step towards bringing a piece of nature into your home, as also supporting the local artisans.


DIY Gardening Kit - Detox & Purify Plants

VAT Included
  • This Garden Kit is completely eco-friendly and each element is biodegradable. Every kit contains:

    4 pcs of Handmade Clay Pots

    4 pcs of Handmade Clay Water Drip Tray

    1 Organic Soil Bag

    4 pcs of Seed Packets for Detox & Purify Plants

    4 pcs of Naming Sticks

    1 Care and Instructions guide card

  • Clay Pot - Height 10 cms, Width 7.5 cms

    Each clay pot is 100% Made in UAE using locally sourced clay

    Clay Pot Tray - Height 1.5 cms, Width 7.5 cms

    Each clay pot tray is 100% Made in UAE using locally sourced clay

    Each Clay Pot sits perfectly on the flat tray which allows the soil to breath and excess water to seep out.


    Soil Bag - Soil bag is 100% linen with jute string, the bag can be washed and used for storing anything. The soil inside is Organic Soil sourced from Holland. The bag comes filled with enough soil to fill all the 4 pots.


    Seeds: Each Detox & Purify Plants Kit includes 4 different varieties of seeds. Each seed packet is labeled and filled with enough seeds to grow in the provided clay pot. Seeds Names:

    1. Rosemary

    2. Mint

    3. Basil

    4. Sage


    Naming Stick: Naming Stick is 15 cms long. It is made using wood fibre, it is light and easy to write on. Insert it in the soil with the name of the plant you are planting seeds for.

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