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Your Guide to Gardening Tools

There comes a time in life when most people start to think about gardening and owning their own little jungle, whether it is a blooming flower garden or healthy vegetables patch.

There could be many reasons and emotions attached to owning a garden space, whatever may be the reason, one must have certain knowledge and tools with them when they start on this awesome journey of bringing nature home.

Gardening Tools are as essential as various sizes of knives in the kitchen. However, one must know which are the best tools for them. A little balcony garden can survive easily without a big shovel but a large backyard garden must have this big shovel to patch the soil.

Below is a list of Gardening Tools and their use. Pick the one that your Little Jungle needs.

1. Garden Hand Trowel: Garden trowels are used for digging small holes in the soil for planting seeds and bulbs.

It can also be used to fill a pot with soil. If you already have a small hand spade you do not need a garden trowel. They both serve the same purpose.

2. Garden Hoe: Garden hoe is one of the oldest and most used tool in gardening. From removing weed to clear and shape soil, this versatile tool is a must have for big garden spaces.

Ensure to take the one that has a strong wooden handle.

3. Garden Fork: Garden fork is an ideal small tool used for loosening, lifting and turning soil without damaging the roots of your plants.

The small size works well in Balcony and Kitchen garden spaces. The thinner the fork tips, the better it works.

4. Garden Gloves: Garden gloves are an absolute essential for every gardener. It has many benefits:

  • keep fingernails clean and dry.

  • avoid blisters and calluses.

  • prevent cuts and scrapes, or protect existing cuts and scrapes from infection.

  • protect against insect bites or stings.

5. Garden Spade: A small garden spade is not very different from a garden trowel in their benefits and use.

Garden spade comes in different sizes while the small one is good for balcony garden, the big spade works well in leveling the soil patch in big gardens.

6. Secateurs: Secateurs or Pruning shears are scissors designed for the plants. The specially designed blades are perfect to prune plants like ZZ or creating your own Bonsai Garden.

Always ensure to pick the one that has a good grip suited to your hand.

7. Rake: Rake is an absolute essential tool if you have a big garden. During autumn when leaves fall and cover the soil, it becomes hard for the soil to receive its nutrients like sun.

Rake helps in removing the leaves without damaging the roots of the trees and plants.

8. Shovel: A shovel works quite similar to a spade. The long handle and firm design of the shovel allows you to make raised beds very easily in your garden space.

It makes lifting, digging and shifting soil, sand and gravel a lot easier.

It is a great companion when transferring dirt from a wheelbarrow without having to dump the whole load at one go.

9. Electric Chain Saw: One of the greener and more viable solution for gardens which are full of large trees is an Electric Chain Saw.

Unlike a fuel-powered chain saw, you can use an electric saw indoors since it doesn't produce any fumes. An electric chain saw is lighter and less noisy.

10. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow is an ideal for large garden spaces. You can use it for moving plants, soil bags and other supplies around the narrow lanes of garden beds.

Even though there are many new styles in the market now but somehow the traditional one wheel works the best.

11. Watering Can: Watering cans are essential for every garden space.

This easy to use tool might be the most difficult one to buy. Every can is designed differently, some have long neck which allows the slow water flow while some have a sprinkler with short neck.

Choose the one that works for your garden. I prefer the long neck.

12. Water Hose: A perfect watering device for your garden. If you have vegetable or flower patches or plain grass growing in your lawn, you need this to water your whole garden without having to fill the watering can multiple times.

Make sure you have water tap installed in the garden before you buy this.

13. Lawnmower: An absolute essential if you have a large lawn/ backyard with fast growing grass.

Lawnmower allows you to keep you lawn looking pretty by cutting the grass easily and effortlessly.

14. Garden Broom: Every garden needs a broom to ensure the dirt, soil, dry leaves are all picked and thrown away easily.

A garden broom traditionally is made using coconut husk, bassine and sorghum bristle.

Each is natural and taken from variety of thick leafy plants. Image shows Garden Broom with coconut husk bristles.

15. Garden Twine/ String: If you are growing vines and are using a trellis in your garden then you must have the garden string handy always.

It helps in tying the delicate vine stems together without damaging the plant.

From Jute to Natural Cotton and metallic, there are many variants available in the market.

16. Trellis: A wooden frame which can be expanded to fit your wall or garden space. A Trellis allows you to grow more in less space.

It keeps vines and fruit off the ground, decreases plant disease through increased air flow and makes the harvest easier to reach.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do write to us at

Happy Gardening !

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